Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the fish in my bed. Or, how we don't always understand each other...

You remember how I said B's English is progressing very nicely? Well, it still is, and everyone we come in contact with says how impressed they are with her, and how she's doing wonderfully. The only problem is the occasional stories she tells us. One she told Mother just the other day went a little like this:

B: Mom, an 'den my mom, um, swim.
Mother: You went swimming with your Ethiopia mommy?
B: Yah. An 'den, M this is swim. Fish.
Mother: A fish? You swam with a fish?
B: No. Under. Me, this is under fish. My bed.
Mother: The fish was in your bed.
B: Yah. Um, big fish. This is my bed. M bed, fish.
Mother: Oh, M had a fish in his bed too?
B: Mm hm. An 'den suh-leep. Fish my bed.
Mother: Ok.

Yup. Pretty fun, huh? Well, at least she's learning!

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