Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I bin sick! Not malaria, but a nasty virus that moonlights as such. Not too much fun.

What happens when you're sick and bored.

I'm pretty artistic.

A well-meaning child brought me this lovely picture of Joseph being seduced by Potiphar's wife. That pretty much made me better on the spot!

I'm definitely on the mend now - thank you for all your prayers!


Mommy Pippin

Meet Kevin!

Our newest arrival!

Like Nathan, Kevin is very malnourished and has severe TB. But we look forward to seeing him heal as well!

Kevin and Nathan meeting for the first time.

Don't be fooled. They love each other.


Uncle Derek and his baby!

This is Kevin's face when he's not being held. It's funny.

Please pray for Kevin as he begins to heal!


Mommy Pippin

What's Up?

What have we been up to lately?

Hospital visits.


Breaking our arms. Poor Cathy!

Watching movies.

Taking bathing seriously.


Playing pretend.

More shading.


Playing house.

Aren't they creative?

Being cute.

What have you been up to?


Mommy Pippin


Do you remember these boys? Well, here's what love, food, meds, and Jesus can do in three and a half months! Check out these giggly, smiley little men!

Baby Nathan - 10 months. He still can't sit up on his own, but we're getting there!

Isma - 5. My snuggle bug.

He's pretty much the biggest ham EVAR.

God amazes me SO MUCH everyday. When Isma came, his feet were SO swollen with edema that he couldn't even walk for the pain. Now he RUNS!
Praise Jesus!

These two cuties are absolutely doted upon in our little abode.

We are blessed.


Mommy Pippin

Babies in Panties

Our baby (toddler, you say? NEVER! Babies always) boys recently got some new "panties" in the mail.

Isma, Moses, Elijah, Josh.

Just a bit of sqeeeeee for your day.


Mommy Pippin

The Amazing Race

Our older kids were on holiday for all of December and January, and although they are rather good at entertaining themselves, we get to supplement that with fun things to do as a family. Jess and Derek got super creative with the stuff Derek brought back from Canada and planned our own version of "summer camp". In the afternoons when the small ones and babies were asleep we gathered all the big kids for group games on the boys' side. They divided the kids up into teams complete and used a point system to determine the winner. They've been going strong since the beginning of December, and we had our piece de resistance to wrap it all up just a little while ago: The Amazing Race.

Uncle Benji explained the rules: there were four locations in America they had to visit - Arkansas, New York, California, and Kentucky. At each station the teams had to complete a challenge while they were timed. The team who did it all in the least amount of time got the most points.
(Do they actually know where these places are? No. Do they care? Nope!)

But first they had to visit me to get their maps.

They were a bit impatient.

There was also some confusion. But they got over it.

The Kentucky Derby challenge with Mommy Jess.

The obstacle course in the subway system of New York with Uncle D.

Acting out movies in Hollywood with Mommy Kayla.

House building in Little Rock, Arkansas with Uncle Benji.

All in all, a success.

Just another day here in Uganda!


Mommy Pippin

PS- Team yellow won both the Amazing Race and the whole she-bang earning a trip to Kingfisher Resort for swimming and eating!

An Adventure.

Not too long ago, Andrea and Jenny and I took some of our big small girls on a field trip to Kilombera, a local textile place.

Don't be fooled by how nice this looks. The boda ride was INCREDIBLY dusty. I was four shades darker when we arrived.

It's a beautiful, peaceful place to be, but dangerous for your wallet. So many scrumptious things to buy! Baby slings! Skirts! Bags! Bed spreads! Curtains! Tablecloths! Headbands! Hammocks! Etc!

One of our bodas broke down... we had to commemorate the moment.

Me with Esther, Big Daphine, Getu, and Stella l-r.


Mommy Pippin