Saturday, June 20, 2009

No, I have not jumped ship...

I have only just returned. Last Wednesday (though it was really Thursday by the time we left), we headed down to Florida for Opa's funeral. We all had a GREAT time, despite the heat, and loved catching up and having the ENTIRE family there. All of us splashed around in the pool a lot, and rode bikes all around the community. Our cousins were all delighted to meet the two new additions, and after a few uncertain hours, B and M warmed up to them as well. We were able to go to the ocean on Sunday, and drive out immediately after that. For the most part, the drive there and back was a big blur, and I try not to think much about it, even though it was not as bad as it could have been (thank you Lord!!).

From there, we drove to Wisconsin to drop Me, C and O off at Church Camp, where I would be a counselor, and they would be campers. What a great time! C was in my cabin, which was wonderful, and O wasn't even a little embarrassed when I came up and hugged him at meals, or sat and talked with him. What a great little (and not so much) guy he is! I had a blast, and so did both of them. Since this was my first time being a counselor, I was a bit out of the loop (especially since newbies tend to miss the memos about almost everything), but I look forward to next year, praying that God will use me TEN TIMES MORE than He did this year!
We just got back this morning, and I was SO glad to see my siblings (I get a mite homesick, even now). It seems as though EVERYONE changed in the week we were gone! M's hair is growing back, and his tummy is smaller (bye bye bugs!), E's hair is growing out too (she gave herself a haircut a few weeks back), and I swear B is taller.

In other news, one of our best friends, the C family, just brought twin girls into the world on Monday. Welcome G and L!! You can check out their blog here: The two middle girls, A and P were at camp with us, and I got to give them the exciting news via a phone call to their dad. And, I got to meet said babies today, even though every time I looked, someone had stolen the baby I was holding. Thank goodness for twins, and oldest priority!! Can't wait 'til God blesses me with a little one of my own. :)

Now I'm waiting for things to settle down around here, looking forward to cleaning, and hopefully earning a bit of money in the weeks to come.

God is so, SO good!

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