Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today my grandfather (Opa) passed into the arms of God. I believe that at this moment I am truly at peace, as is the rest of my family. Opa was in so much pain, and for about the past five days has been completely unresponsive.

He was ready.

I know he's up there now, singing away in the heavenly chorus, and dancing with the angels. He's happy, and in a much better place.

Yes, there is sadness for us left here, but we will manage. It was entirely selfish to want him to stay, since here he would have been continually miserable. I have prayed for peace for him, and now he has it!

Opa was a truly amazing man. He was a strong and faithful Christian, who loved his wife (Oma) and children dearly. The memories I have of Opa are all good. He was a doer. He would ride bikes with us, garden, push us on the swings, read to us, play with us. He was always happy, and smiling, and comforting. I loved to snuggle up to him, and listen to him breathe, and laugh. My whole family was VERY close with Opa, and loved him (still do, as a matter of fact!) very much!

Opa was also a napper. All of his children, and most of their spouses are nappers as well (it runs in the family, I think!). When we have a family get-together, almost all the adults lie down in the afternoon for a nap every day.
And when he napped, Opa snored. Loud.
Loud, like you can hear it in the basement with the door closed, loud. But I loved to hear him snore. And Oma used to say she had trouble sleeping when he wasn't there snoring in her ear!

Opa left behind a wife, four children, 2 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law, 16 grandchildren, and many, many friends. He passed into heaven this morning while my Auntie M was singing hymns to him.
It breaks my heart that M and B will never know their Opa, and that E and O might not remember him (I'm praying they do!). I was blessed to have 17 years with him myself.

This Thursday, my family is driving down to Florida for his funeral. I ask for prayer for safe, safe travels!
The funeral is this Saturday at 11:00 am. My dear cousin, M, and I have been asked by Oma to do a duet (we'll possibly be accompanied by her sisters R and C, too), and talking today, we were wondering how we'd make it through our songs without breaking down!

I ask for prayers of peace for my entire family, and prayers for safe travels (for all of us), and prayers for B and M. This is very confusing for them, even though the sadness didn't last that long this morning, and to top if off, we'll be driving for two days straight to get there in time.

But, above all, I am so glad Opa is in a better place, walking with Jesus still.

God is so, so good!

Thank you friends :)
Our kids with O and O

Opa leading us on his famous "bear hunt".
(He was also famous for singing "On Top of Old Baldy")

Our family, and our cousins, the M's. These pictures were taken right before O and O moved down to Florida permanently. So that's why some faces look a wee bit teary.
(Not pictured, the other M's)

Yep, good times, those.
I love you Opa!

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It is hard to lose a loved one, but comforting to know that they are at peace. Safe travels.