Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Adventure.

Not too long ago, Andrea and Jenny and I took some of our big small girls on a field trip to Kilombera, a local textile place.

Don't be fooled by how nice this looks. The boda ride was INCREDIBLY dusty. I was four shades darker when we arrived.

It's a beautiful, peaceful place to be, but dangerous for your wallet. So many scrumptious things to buy! Baby slings! Skirts! Bags! Bed spreads! Curtains! Tablecloths! Headbands! Hammocks! Etc!

One of our bodas broke down... we had to commemorate the moment.

Me with Esther, Big Daphine, Getu, and Stella l-r.


Mommy Pippin

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  1. What beautiful fabrics! I would love to go there.