Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The thought hit me the other day as I was walking down the street to buy water from the shops.

This is normal.

Having to buy my water or get it from our jerrycan is normal. So is not being able to drink out of the tap.

“Cool!” I thought, “I’m getting used to this Africa stuff.”

But then I really started thinking about my *new* normal and counting the things that are every day and commonplace to me, but are very foreign concepts in the States…

Things like frequently not having power, or sharing my kitchen cabinet with cockroaches and rats (not to mention my bedroom), or getting around on the back of a motorcycle (A boda-boda). It’s normal.
Or washing my clothes by hand, or not taking standing up showers because we have a hand-held showerhead (and praising the Lord for running water all the time!), or having constantly filthy feet, or our routine of LIFE here.
It’s all normal. The weather has even become normal for me (praise the Lord!!). Hot, hot, and more hot with a bit of rain thrown in here and there. J

I began to praise God for this revelation. I thanked Him for having finally fully settled in, and for being able to laugh at things like rats in my drawer or constantly dirty feet. For understanding that I will get dirty and need a shower every day because that’s just the way that things work. For knowing that I won’t always be able to get internet or call my family in America because this is Africa. For having to let go of my ideals of how things should look here and trusting in God totally.

For loving all of these things.

And I do love them, rats and all, because this is my life. Just because I’m not living here forever (for now ;) ) doesn’t mean I should or can live like it‘s temporary. God has made it clear that I am here for a purpose - HIS purpose, and I must live each day as fully as I can.

And so I do.

Because this is my life, and my life is normal.

It just happens to be in Uganda


Mommy Pippin

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  1. This is so beautiful! I am almost in tears!! Everything that I have hoped for you! You have always shined with God's love and beauty! Keep of the good work!! I miss you so very much and I can't tell you how proud of you I am, never stop following God's path for you!!!!! Love you!!!!