Monday, May 11, 2009

The Beginning...

I have wanted to create a blog for quite a while, and my upcoming (and by upcoming, I mean in two days) trip to Ethiopia seems like the perfect excuse for making one.

My family has been in the process of adopting two beautiful Ethiopian blessings, and on Wednesday my mother and I fly out, headed to bring them home to their forever family. Excitment is high, and reality is slowly making its way into my life. These imaginary children are about to become real! Of course, everything is a-bustling around here, what with last minute cleaning and packing. Grandma L has kindly agreed to stay with the remaining five, so Dad can go to work, and the children won't run completely amok.

How did this start, you ask?

Well, the Lord placed adoption on my mother's heart several years ago, but it never seemed quite the right time. Then, about three years ago, we began the process of adopting from Liberia, West Africa. But, God knew that was not where our children were, so we switched over to Ethiopia about a year ago. Things progressed rather rapidly after that (divine power at work!), and we got our referral New Year's Eve: A six year old girl, and a one and a half year old boy - biological siblings, orphans, in need of a family.

God has worked in ways we could not have even imagined possible, and my parents got the opportunity to visit them mid-March. What a blessing that was, but so, so hard to leave them!

So, we find ourselves here - a day away from leaving to pick up our babies.

B passed her TB test, they are both healthy, they are coming home!

God is good.

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