Friday, May 29, 2009

What's been going on here?

Oh my. Life has been somewhat slow since, as of yesterday, all of our activities are finished for the school year! Kids have been occupied with playing outside, reading, and playing inside. In a few weeks, C and O and I go to church camp where they will be campers, and I will be a counselor (hopefully in C's cabin!). We've got two weddings, beach days, playdates, and a trip to Grandma L's on the radar for the summer, but other than that, it's looking to be hanging out, and getting to know each other.

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Mother and I brought back outfits for everyone.

Our first full family picture!!

M's so handsome in his little outfit :)

B and E got matching purses and scarves.

O thought he'd try on J's new hat.

What a typical morning looks like in our home. Daddy built us a wonderful bench in the kitchen, and that's a common gathering place.

Breakfast time!

Also happening:

E has taken up soccer.

B has learned to ride a bike.

And M has started a career with the fire brigade.

A common activity among the youngests is dressup. E and B have an entire drawer of little girl dressup stuff under their bunkbed, and almost every day we'll find one or both of them in a sparkly princess costume.
Here they are being "Queen of the Egyptians" and "Silly Goose". How E got the notion to be "Queen of the Egyptians" is beyond me.

They even dressed M up. And I think I just saw him walk by wearing the same tutu!

C ang O like playing all sorts of games together, and they recently found a bag of old soccer stuff. I LOVE their imaginations!

E got in on it too.

She knows she leads a rough life...
Today is sunny, and I'm thinking a park trip is in our very near future. Daddy and J are at work. Daddy got him a job there hauling sand, and working in the yard, so J has opted out of camp this summer to continue working. He is SO good at it, and I'm so happy he's having fun! J is also taking drivers ed (eep!), along with three of my very close friends. Look out world! L loves looking after the younger ones, and today, she and I took a lovely morning walk. Life is good, God is good.


  1. Pippin, I love your blog!!

  2. Love all these pics! What a big, fun family!

  3. Pippin-Your blog is great and the pictures are wonderful, keep posting you are a great writer and have the most exciting future ahead of you. I wonder what adventures God can do with a sweet heart like yours submitted to Him. The possibilies are endless :-)
    Kelli Gray