Thursday, May 28, 2009

I was wrong.

So, remember when I said we weren't worried about M, and his calling things Mom? Well it seems things are now slightly different. Yesterday, Mother decided she must do everything for him from then on, since the word "Mother" obviously meant nothing to him.
I thought is was a wonderful idea, especially since I thought he knew who she was, at least.
Not so very much.
This morning, I came down before heading out on a walk and sat down on the couch. M looked up, saw me, and said "Mommommommommommom.", and started running towards me. So Mother scooped him up, and told him SHE was Mommy. He didn't like that very much.
Then a bit later, he was playing stacking cups with C and O, and crawled into my lap. I looked at him and said "Se me man oh?", which, in Amharic, means "My name is". He smiled and said "MOM!".
Oh, dear.
Mother and I looked at each other, and I began to tell him I was P - "Se me man oh, P, M, P. THAT'S Mommy. I'M P."
He dutifully repeated it, and I passed him off to Mother.
I went off for my walk (with the dog).
When I came back, I walked into the living room, and heard "MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!!", and saw M running towards me, with a HUGE grin on his face.
So, from now on Mother and I have decided that I'm to do nothing for him, and limit my hugs and snuggles with him.
Extremely sad for me, but completely necessary.
It's really no big surprise he's confused. When we were in Addis, Mother fed him most of the time, and put him to bed, but I was always there too. And I would hold and rock him, and play with him. He didn't really grasp that I was his sister. When we were flying home, I held him in the sling in the airports so Mother could get to the paperwork, and he spent an equal amount of time in my lap on the plane as he did in Mother's.
So, I ask you to pray with us that he understands who Mother is, and would always look to her first for anything he needs.
But above all, God is good.


  1. I love your posts! You guys are doing great. He will get it in no time :)

  2. Good for you guys for recognizing this need for both of them ... attachment is HUGE and is better from the get-go.
    Welcome home :)