Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Things have been settling down... somewhat. As they get more familiar with home, and the people at home, B and M are also getting more comfortable with testing their boundaries. Not in a bad way, at all, and this is absolutely to be expected, since they're in a new place and don't know the ropes yet. B tends to get very emotional. When she is in a good mood, she'll laugh, and play with everyone within a 20 foot radius. She cracks up so easily! Just today, I was cleaning my room, and she was sitting on the chair at my desk, when she spotted an old photo of Daddy holding a one-year-old me just after a bath. For some reason, this struck her as incredibly funny, and she was literally rolling around on the chair, with TEARS streaming down her face from so much laughter. So of course, I laughed too, which just made her laugh harder. But even when she is having a good time, and playing with E, or C, I'll find her with a very sad expression, and sometimes tears. She has begun to do a pathetic act for Mother anytime she wants attention. She'll start whimpering, and go limp and floppy so Mother will pick her up and cuddle her. This, too, is understandable. This morning, E was having a hard time, so Mother took her to the sofa to cuddle. B saw this, and immediately began to whimper and cry. So Mother picked her up too. The scene was almost comical: Mother, with a whimpering/crying girl on each side, hearing stories in English and Amharic, kissing and cuddling both of them. But this is one of very, very few episodes. B has settled in wonderfully, and she and E get along very well. They both love to dress up (today they dressed up M as well!), have the same fashion sense (or lack thereof :P), and are EXTREME girly-girls. We are thanking God they get along so well, and that the battles for Mother's attention are few and far between :).

M continues to keep us rolling with laughter at his funny-man antics. If you laugh at something he does, he will do it over and over and over, until he gets bored. He is an absolute bottomless pit, and has perfected a "food shriek" if Mother does not get it to his mouth in time :). He is still slightly confused by the meaning of the word "Mom", since everyone, and everything seems to have that name. "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom... etc..", until you look where he is pointing, and either give it to him, or bear the shrieks that ensue when you don't. We're not worried, however, since he is growing and learning, and will understand soon enough. (Especially since, "They've only been home five days", as someone just reminded me.)

We had a completely at-home day today. And, since it was raining, I decided to do a bit of cleaning. Now, the downstairs fairly sparkles (and will remain that way until certain children come down in the morning), and I felt I've had a fulfilling day. One of our dear friends has coordinated meals for us, and so many wonderful families have been bringing us dinner since Saturday! I think tomorrow is our last meal day, and they will be sorely missed! Our refrigerator is stuffed with leftovers, and today, the B family brought us five quiches, of which four are frozen. Thanks to ALL who have provided us with meals, and love, and prayer. We love you all!!

Tomorrow we're taking a Girl Scout field trip to an enormous bounce castle place. It promises to be fun, and we're hoping B and M will hold up ok. We'll be the only group there, and the sound will be off, so it shouldn't be TOO overstimulating :)

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