Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Counting Down...

To our departure. The living room is scattered with donations, and suitcases are lying open everywhere. With the help and blessings of many, we are bringing over TONS of formula and clothing for the orphanage! Praise God, and thank you all!
Grandma L has arrived, and the cleaning of the house is nearly completed, with only vacuuming, and some picking up left to do. Mother is running errands to pick up the last few odds and ends, and the younger children are helping me clean.
I do believe today has been a rather productive day, with only a few breaks (taken by many).
This morning, I woke up at 5:45, with my mind racing. I could not get back to sleep, no matter how hard I tried. My thoughts were revolving around the trip, and thinking over the last few details, and things that need to fall into place (they will.... Eventually...). My rabbit didn't help very much, either. He kept scrabbling at the bottom of his cage, trying to eat a hole through it. I don't know whether this is normal rabbit behavior or not, since my rabbit is anything but normal, but he wouldn't stop. Not even when I told him to be quiet in a none-too-happy voice (right, you're thinking, that's sure to work.). I finally fell back asleep.... 5 mintues before my alarm went off, and was up and running... 30 minutes after that...
I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about this trip... And most especially about the plane ride. It's not that I'm scared - who can be, when God is in control? - but that I've never been on an airplane before. Never. Not even once. People keep telling me I'll get bored, and hate planes once I get off, and that's probably true, but I can't help being excited!
While in Ethiopia, I'll try to update every day, but power and internet are not guaranteed, so I'll write as often as I can. I might even post a picture or two! Hm... I'm off now, to finish cleaning and packing.
Praise God for all of His blessings! I TRULY believe this is His will being done!

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