Saturday, May 23, 2009

More pictures...

So, I just realized that I haven't posted any actual pictures of any actual kids... So here they are!

Waiting... From left, J, E, O, C, L, and Grandma L.
Daddy and M!

Settling in for the car trip home.

Yes, B, you DO have to sit in a car seat :)

Mother, so happy to be almost, truly home!

M's not so sure about this restraining thing...

Heading inside.

This morning: "You talking to me?"

Messy mouth...

Because of all the happy confusion, our kind friend, Mrs. H was the photographer of our arrival, and I've yet to get the pictures from her. So, more pictures will be coming!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! We are another WACAP family :)

  2. I love the one where your sister has B. up in the air. B's grin is priceless!! What a homecoming.

  3. I love the blog! My husband will travel to WACAP house to get out daughter Wednesday, and the pictures of your travels are a great way for him to know what to expect! Thanks! God Bless!
    (We are also a homeschool familiy!)